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With the crystal technology improvement,now it focus to develop in China,frequency control parts always take the unique postion in the electronic world. 
FIVETEN offers kinds of crystals in order to pace with wide applications.whatever you do need ,standard or high-class requirement on special fields, we will support you right quartz crystal resonator and oscillator with 100% repliability insurance.
As a young team in crystal field, The breadth and quality of our product range is the result of knowledge and experience built up over several decades. The young FIVETEN team insists to work with honesty and zest to predict market trend and new technology,not only follow up the development tightly, but also create the new world.
WTL focus on global market in order to put our products together with your life,we offer advanced technology for making your lofe more colorful.
Make your life better,FIVTEN together with you.


Primary uses  


Real-time clocks, quartz watches and clocks; allows binary division to 1 Hz signal (215×1 Hz)


UART clock; allows integer division to common baud rates. (213×32×52; 16×115,200 baud or 96×16×1,200 baud)


UART clock; allows integer division to common baud rates up to 38,400


Allows binary division to 100 Hz (32,768×100 Hz, or 215×100 Hz)


PAL M color subcarrier


NTSC M color subcarrier. Because these are very common and inexpensive they are used in many other applications, for example DTMF generators


PAL N color subcarrier


UART clock (2×1.8432 MHz); allows integer division to common baud rates

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